The Swag produce storage bags

STPAK000G $69.00

The Swag is a super innovative, Australian designed and owned storage bags, that keep your fruit and vegetables super fresh for longer in the fridge! They are completely washable, re-useable and plastic-free and work by using a clever three-layered fabric that locks in just the right amount of moisture, while keeping your produce itself dry, the ideal environment for maximum freshness, naturally.

We have become addicted to these bags! They really work. Save time and reduce food waste with The Swag. 

Set of 4 includes:
2 x Small Swags - aqua trim & orange trim (37cm x 24cm)
1 x Long Swag - yellow trim (52cm x 24cm)
1 x Large Swag - green trim (42cm x 38cm)

Each pack comes with an instruction booklet containing detailed information on how to use them and the different coloured trims really help you remember what is in each one in the fridge!

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