26cm skillet

SOLID2 $149.95

A great multi-use skillet for any heat source (fire, oven, stove-top, induction).

L 53cm, Diam 26cm, H at handle 10cm, H of bowl 5cm, 1.6kg

Solidteknics AUS-ION™ wrought iron (formed low-carbon steel) pans are just like cast iron, but super lightweight (half the weight of cast-iron pans) and naturally non-stick, making them amazing to cook with!

These are Australian made, non-toxic, sustainable, and multi-century durable pans.

  • Australian made: the only production cookware made in Australia (everything else is imported)
  • Nontoxic: Seasoned iron is the only known non-toxic and forever-renewable nonstick. All other nonsticks are made with toxic and/or disposable synthetic coatings.
  • Sustainable: Life-time warranty against manufacturing defaults, so they won’t end up in landfill. See more here about warranty here: http://www.solidteknics.com/warranty/
  • Super durable: As they are made from one piece of single sheet steel
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Suitable for use on all cooktops (including induction)
  • Lightweight
  • Free shipping throughout AU/NZ

We recommend that you follow the seasoning instructions to ensure your pans have a long life! Learn all about it here: http://www.solidteknics.com/ironcare