Oat roller + 1kg oats

SCHNITZER1 $220.00

Schnitzer Oat Roller + Oats 

We've teamed up with our mates over at Dad's Oats to bring you the joy of rolling your very own oats!

The Schnitzer Campo is the roller we choose to roll/flake our oats (and other grains!) at home and can be used to roll up to 150g per minute. We love it and use it almost every day.

It uses two geared steel rollers with an infinitely variable adjustment, so you can roll your grains as fine or as coarsely as you desire, releasing all the fresh goodness of the grain for immediate use.

All rollers include a 1kg pack of Dad's Oats oat groats to get you rolling straight away.


Note. This product will arrive separately, as it shipped direct from the Dad’s Oats crew.