Chai cups

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Hand thrown traditional chai cups, made with traditional throwing and firing techniques. The Indian potter who made these cups is Banay Singh (as photographed). All cups were fired in a small drum kiln, fuelled with small sticks from surrounding trees and saw dust. Based on the traditional chai cup - which is a ‘use and throw’ single use cup, thrown back to the earth after use.

  • Pack of 4
  • Glazed (sealed) inside and out
  • These cups are approx. 100ml
  • Each is slightly different, as they are hand thrown and therefore imperfect (in the most perfect way!)
  • We use these every day!
  • Note: this stock is strictly limited. Indian potters from this project will not return to Australia until 2019.
  • Free shipping throughout AU/NZ

The project “Crosshatched” was initiated by Sandra Bowkett (ceramicist) whereby Indian artists come to Australia and work with Australian artists.

Note: These are packaged wiih reused bubble wrap and newspaper. So packing is not “perfect”, but is 100% reused!