Bread storage bag: keeping it fresh

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Bread bags, keeping bread fresh + reducing waste.

100% unbleached cotton, machine washable, re-useable, draw string bag.

How do they work? It’s a 3-layered system, that allows bread to breath (reducing sweating), and helps to slow the drying process.

Fits: A large, long or round bread loaf, or a bunch of bread rolls.

How to use: Place bread inside the bag, draw the string tightly and push out any excess air. Store in fridge or on the shelf.

  • 29cm (W) x 41cm (H).
  • Gusset: 8cm.
  • Drawstring.
  • 100% unbleached cotton.
  • Non-toxic & chemical free.
  • 100% compostable (except for care label).
  • A % of sales go to charity Destiny Rescue.
  • Free shipping throughout AU/NZ.

Care instructions: machine wash with natural washing powder, dry in the sun.

**Made by SWAG. Produced ethically with fair-trade practices. Australian designed and owned.