Lentil salad and risotto recipes for spring.

The smell of spring, it’s here.
Things feel bright again.
Blossom and fast growth that you struggle to catch up with.
It’s here.

What’s in season now?

This can be a hard time of year to know what’s in season, so here is a quick list if you live in a temperate climate like us emerging from the depths of winter!

  • Our asparagus, our FAVOURITE spring treat is already sending up shoots!
  • The brussels sprouts are on their way out but still magnificent.
  • Broccoli, cauliflower, kale and cabbage and their shoots are all in their element.
  • Leeks, spring onions (onion shoots) and young garlic shoots are all fantastic right now and going into our weekly meals in abundance!
  • Rocket and all the other little greens like mizuna, mibuna, tatsoi and baby spinach are all booming.
  • It's still a time for all things roots like carrots, beets, celeriac and parsnip as will as last autumn's pumpkins, potatoes and sweet potatoes.
  • Celery, all the wintery herbs like parsley, chervil, rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano and marjoram make for bright punches of flavour.
  • And the fennel is just about ready to pick!

Leek cannelloni, page 291 in Grown & Gathered.
P.S. Seasonal charts available on our store!



Seasonal, vegetable-full, family risotto.

Lach’s vegetable & brown rice risotto
A recipe inspired by our village, a meal we have had many times over - a different seasonal version each time. With it comes memories, heaps of vegetables and an easy meal to feed many.

P.S. Lach says the key is the “acidy-deliciousy” pickles on the top! #Essential



Food to come home to.

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered our book The Village - we raised $1,000 for #CookForSyria!

Here is a recipe from Bashar, a Syrian refugee who fled from Syria in 2013, who now lives and works in London.

He says many refugees make this dish “Mugadara” because it is a cheap dish that feeds many people! The core of what The Village is all about.  Adapt using what you have in season or save this recipe for Summer!

You can also donate directly to UNICEF’s #CookForSyria here:


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