Fundamentals—October 2018.



Potato planting time.

You can plant your potatoes now if the danger of frost has nearly passed. Potatoes grow from potatoes - this is where all the energy is stored and they sprout up from the tuber! You can harvest a few in mid-summer; with the main harvest happening before the frosts hit next autumn/winter. See the excerpt from Grown & Gathered for all the details!



Flatbreads: make great anytime meals!

Sourdough flatbreads 
Our favourite anytime meal, to inspire your spring mornings, lunches, or easy dinners - made using leftover sourdough culture, and filled with your favourite fillings, or anything you have in the house!




Two new shop products! 

Travel easy - filtered water anytime, anywhere.

Compostable toothbrushes, a simple essential.


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