Summer planting time is here!

Summer is coming.

Frost has passed, it’s now time to put all things summer in the ground. Here are our top 5 summer planting picks.

1. TOMATOES - eat them all summer long, then fill your shelves with passata for winter & spring.
Our favourite heirloom varieties right now: Amish Paste and Jersey Devil for passata and Aunt Ruby's Green and Orange Cuore di Bue for eating fresh.

 2. ZUCCHINIS - the fastest growing summer plant, pick them daily in the peak of summer.
Make sure not to plant them too close (space at least 90cm apart), they look so small as seedlings but we promise they get super big and need the space! And remember to plant only young zucchini seedlings with only one set of true (crinkly) leaves. More mature zucchini seedlings tend not to fruit so well down the track.

3. ZINNIAS - easy to grow, great cutting flowers and beneficial garden plant (companion plant).
As they grow, deadhead the flowers to allow the plant to grow taller and “bushier”.

4. SNAKE BEANS - our new favourite.
Pick when young, use like pasta! Grow just like other climbing beans.

5. CUCUMBERS - make fermented dill pickles all summer long.
Beit Alpha and Monika varieties are our favourite varieties for pickle making!

**Note: Always plant heirloom varieties for best results!


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