A time to harvest.

It’s time to harvest and preserve the last of summer/autumn before winter begins. For us, autumn feels like it’s only just started to set in. The leaves are just turning and starting to fall. We are transitioning from cooking on the stove to the fire. The rain has begun. Pumpkins are starting to turn and set. Cold mornings, warm days. We are pulling out our summer/autumn crops and planting for spring. There are no winter crops this year as we will be in Italy celebrating their spring and early summer instead—returning here for just the end of winter, ready to start a new growing season.

New harvests & preserving the abundance. What's in season now?
We love this time of year so much. It feels like everything is in season! Here are some of our favourite things right now—some that we are just starting to harvest now, and some that are on the way out as the cooler weather approaches.

Just starting to harvest now:
- Melons (watermelon, rockmelon, honeydew etc)
- Pumpkins
- Mature beans (shelling beans)
- The first really big potatoes
- The first sweet potatoes
- Parsley (growing strong again as the heat eases)
Grapes! It's time to make wine everyone!

Making white wine video

Harvests coming to an end (preserve them now!):
- Tomatoes
- Tomatillos
- Eggplants
- Capsicums
- Zucchinis
- Cucumbers
- Green beans
- Our spring-planted rocket patch (remember planting that before Christmas?)
- 'Summer' flowers like dahlias, amaranth, zinnias, Queen Anne's lace.

Eat from the garden this Autumn.

Cucumber kimchi
Combining two of our favourite things: Cucumber + Kimchi. Fermented, crunchy, spicy and super easy, this is one ferment that you will want to make again and again.

Bean pesto
A fresh and chunky pesto, for summer and autumn. Naturally sweet, perfectly balanced, and great on everything from fresh pasta to your morning toast.

Our rituals.

"Be true, there is nothing that is more important. We feel super lucky to have had the confidence to follow our truth…”
SukuHome visited recently, and took some shots and asked some questions about our everyday rituals. Here are a few of our answers:
How do start your day? What sets the right tone for you?
M—Getting in the garden. Picking what needs to be picked, tending to what needs to be tended.
L—Sitting, I like a little time to sit and take in the day!
What’s your ultimate breakfast in bed?
—Boiled eggs from our chooks. Toast. Lots of butter. Salt. Black coffee.
L—Scrambled eggs, good sourdough bread, a few pickles, butter, salt, pepper. Or a really good breakfast smoothie.

What’s your favourite meal that your partner has prepared for you?
—Oh there are too many. Actually my most favourite thing in the world that Lentil makes are her cookies. We often start the day with just a coffee and a cookie and I feel like the luckiest man in the world to have homemade cookies always at the ready. What a legend.
L—Too many. I think his freestyle stews (every version a little different) would have to be it though.
What’s the best thing about living off the earth? What moment makes you stop and say “yes, this is all worth it”?
M—The food. Eating what you grow. Or what you've been given that others have grown. There is nothing better.
L—Yes, just the simple tasks of growing (and gathering), eating and cooking all year round - from nature. It really is what we love to do.

We are in this months In the Moment magazine in the UK, here is a sneak peek clipping from it, an extract of some of our favourite pages of our book! In the Moment is available in all good news agencies and book stores all over the UK now.

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