Earth Day.

Today is World Earth Day!

We think everyday should be Earth Day, but this is just a little reminder, as we all need one sometimes. 

Be good to it. Because we believe it starts with you. 

Here are our 7 doable/achievable things, you can do to dance with nature today (in no specific order).
1. Consume less. Overall, consume less. Eat a little less, but more wholesome and nutrient-rich foods. Consume less products you don't need. And of course when you do consume, do it mindfully.
  • Buy your food at the local farmers market.
  • Buy only products that are ethical, sustainable, organic.
  • When you do consume, buy from good companies. There are plenty of companies who are doing great things! Take a look at 1% for the Planet, and their members, for some great ideas. 
2. Plant something. Start with one deep pot > try either turnips, radishes, rocket or lettuce: all of these grow great in pots! 

3. Share your abundance. If you have a prolifically fruiting tree or over-abundant rocket patch, share the abundance with someone.

4. Everyone says it, but just don't take that plastic bag. (click here to see our reusable shopping bags.)

5. Eat your leftovers or get a compost bin (or worm bin). Millions of tonnes of food are thrown away, this is actually one of the biggest waste products in the world.

6. Soil. Healthy soil is full of life, so feed yours with compost and manure or even bury those food scraps right in it. Poor farming practices are causing our soils to be washed away, and burning off crop stubble is adding tonnes of unnecessary carbon to the atmosphere when it could just be going right back into the earth! So worship your soil and support those farmers that do too by buying organic and biodynamic, always.

7. Cook a meal for someone. Whoever is in your community - look our for them, share with them, cook with them, eat with them. When we all look after each other and our local environment, the whole planet gets nurtured. True sustainability starts here.

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